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Scholar Testimonials

We have moments in life that make a real impact– that help define and shape who we are and give opportunities. 1995 was one of those for me, when the Texas Business Hall of Fame granted me a scholarship at a time where I had a lot of drive but little income. My goal will be to come full circle – one day when I am inducted, representing the growing number of women and their contributions to the business landscape of our great state, I will feel I have repaid the debt or brought it full circle.  

Kimberly Haley-Coleman

University of Dallas

Class of 1995




The scholarship has made, and continues to make, a large impact on my entrepreneurial career. In particular, the scholarship has enabled me to expand my mobile development business, and with it I am having some exciting successes. I'm also now in the planning stages for a severe weather notification service that will be the first of its kind, with the goal of providing specific, actionable, short-term information to the general public. Again, I can't thank you all enough for the incredible blessing of the TBHF scholarship, and I am excited to see how it will continue to impact and encourage my goals.  

James Skidmore

Texas A&M University

Class of 2011    



The TBHF scholarship made a huge impact in my life. I just graduated from business school and started a company, Escapaide Travel. I used the scholarship to provide seed funding for this. My goal in going to business school was to launch a start-up, and this scholarship allowed me to make my dream a reality! I just started, but stay tuned on the outcome…

Andrew Allen

University of Texas, Austin

Class of 2011    



I was able to use the contacts that I met through the Texas Business Hall of Fame to complete my capital requirements and open PediaPlex to help the families throughout the DFW metroplex. I am honored and proud to be a past scholarship recipient of the Texas Business Hall of Fame. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that TBHF provided for me!  

Sonia Kirkpatrick

University of Dallas

Class of 2011    



My scholarship has most impacted my life and career by completely paying for my MBA degree. That degree, in turn, helped me acquire my current position, which I may not have qualified for based on experience alone (having just graduated after going straight through from undergraduate to graduate school). As a young adult in my mid-twenties, I count myself fortunate to have already earned both degrees and to have a stable job (that I love) in this uncertain economy. My TBHF scholarship was definitely a factor in both of these, and for that I am thankful  

Meghan A. Burton

Sam Houston State University

Class of 2010     



This scholarship and other feats at UH gave me boosted confidence to apply for a one-year Masters in Global Management program at Thunderbird School of Global Management, which I completed this past April. I am now working for Jones Lang LaSalle as a Consultant in our Latin America Regional Operations, and serving as the company's Panama and Central America transactions office…

Justin Boyar

University of Houston

Class of 2010



One of the other huge benefits of being a recipient of the scholarship was meeting these titans of industry and getting the chance, even if just for a day, to rub shoulders with them and hear their stories. Some told a tale of a meteoric rise to the top only to lose everything and then have to start over again. Others had a story of slow, methodical growth in which they slowly built market share over the span of decades. Either way, it was great to learn from both their successes and failures. Seeing how successful they have been and how much they have given back to the local community through philanthropy gave me as a small business owner something to strive for.  

Tim Bates

University of Houston

Class of 2004    


The TBHF Scholarship was very helpful from a monetary perspective while I was attending UT’s MBA school. I also attended a couple of the annual recognition functions. I met a few people at those events who I spoke with about my first business venture… I would love to help out more recent recipients and share my entrepreneurial experiences with them. 

Aruni S. Gunasegaram

University of Texas, Austin

Class of 1998    



I was a proud, honored recipient in my MBA days of a generous scholarship. That scholarship came at a time in my life when I was very poor, where a flat tire or a high light bill could ruin my budget. When I graduated from law school I had a mountain of debt. But that debt was reduced dollar for dollar by the scholarship you gave. And so, I was able to retire that student debt quicker and move on in my life to more valuable pursuits sooner than I otherwise could have. Looking back, then, the scholarship accelerated my life. So, thank you.   

Jonathan Simon

Baylor University

Class of 1996

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